Applications for Semester 1 have now closed. Please come back at the beginning of Semester 2! Thank you.

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Applications close September 29th.
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In the 2017-2018 school year, you are in Grade... *

Alpha Photojournalism is a collaborative club that relies on committed students with a smorgasbord of skills, from photography to design to looking up fancy words in a thesaurus.

We are responsible for producing the official Alpha newspaper: the Alpha Centauri. Last year, we published four editions: One in October, December, March, and June.
How can you connect with Alpha Photojournalism?

- We have an email address at
- Our website is, where you can find all past editions and information
- We're on Instagram @alphajournalism
This year, we will be focusing on the following main goals, and we want your help!

- Increased publication frequency, either through more editions or through online articles
- Improved, cleaner design and layout of the newspaper and website
- Increased social media presence and online presence
- Increased presence at Alpha through events and campaigns
- Your happiness
There's lots to do at Alpha Photojournalism. Here's a brief run-down on available positions/roles.

Print Editor
Will we responsible for reading over, proofing, correcting, and redacting either/both print material and design layouts. Must be in Grade 10+. Must be strong in English. Must be attentive to detail.

Spread Designer
Designs the spread layouts (a spread is two facing pages in a publication) using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Photoshop. Must attend a training session where you will learn how to use necessary programs (more fun than it sounds!). Uploads spreads. Must be highly committed and responsible.

Frequently attends meetings and takes meeting notes. Publishes meeting notes into the Google Group in a timely manner. Keeps track of tasks and contacts people. Updates the group Google Calendar.

Marketing and Design
Promotes APJ through social media and maintains the website. Designs graphics for posters and promotions. Must know Adobe Photoshop or be willing to attend a training session.


Writes articles for the newspaper. Conducts investigative stories and interviews people. Submits articles in a timely manner. Aware of school events. Must be Grade 10+.

Assistant Journalist (formerly Reporter)
Writes articles for the newspaper. Interviews people. Works closely with journalists on articles and is aware of school events.

Takes photos and media for the newspaper. Uploads photos in a timely manner. Is skilled in taking photos and loves aesthetics. Attends events. Recommended to own a professional camera (DSLR or mirrorless).

Photo Editor
Edits photos and makes them look nice. Uploads edited photos in a timely manner. Should know some form of photo editing software. Recommended to know Adobe Lightroom. 

Writes interesting, intriguing, or creative pieces that have a personal flair. Must commit to a column every issue. 

This is not an exhaustive list! More positions may open up as needed. You may have more than one role.
Alpha Photojournalism uses the Google suite to organize almost everything. Do you know how to use the following Google services or be willing to learn how? *

- Google Groups is used to keep in touch with everyone, it's like a email mailing list and Facebook Groups combined into one. 
- Google Docs is used to collaborate on articles.
- Google Sheets is used to keep track of articles, article progress, article information, etc.
- Google Calendar is used as a group calendar to keep track of important dates: it's super useful and handy.
Alpha Photojournalism is a highly organized club. We thus need committed people that can attend meetings and keep updated through the Google Group. Will you be willing to make this commitment? *

If you cannot make this commitment, you may instead opt to be a guest writer and submit articles/writing pieces occasionally.
If you are unable to contribute to Alpha Photojournalism within two issues, we may ask you to reconsider your application or to become a guest writer instead.
During the 2017-2018 year, we will mandatory meetings on Monday and Wednesday lunches. Please make sure to attend at least one of the meetings. If you cannot attend you must notify one of the editors beforehand. The following four times are potential meeting times; please select the times you are available. *

Make sure to inform any other clubs about our Wednesday meetings. Try to keep Monday lunches open as we may have additional catch-up/editing meetings then. Afterschool meetings will only be present near deadlines for more catch-up work.

Tell me about yourself in six words or less. *

Tell me why you are interested in Alpha Photojournalism in fifteen words or less. *

What roles would you like to apply for? *

If you have chosen any of the following positions, we would like a sample of your writing. Please describe, in a single paragraph and in a journalistic style to the extent of your English skills, your week/weekend. Feel free to be creative.

Please only fill in the following if you have applied to be a print editor, journalist, assistant journalist, columnist, or guest writer.
If you have applied for any of the following positions, we would like a sample of your work. Please link us to your portfolio.

Please only respond to this question if you have applied to be a spread designer, photographer, or photo editor. Please provide link to either your website, Instagram, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox folder, or any other online portfolio.
Would you be open in taking a quick training session? *

You will be taught how to take photos, use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, or Adobe InDesign depending on what role you will be filling! The training session will only be a few hours long and you will continually receive support throughout the year.
If you have any more questions, comments, awards, links, or certifications of your abilities please let us know below.

Thanks so much. Your information will be strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone outside of Alpha Photojournalism.
You are reaching the end of the application. Please review the following responses and make changes if necessary.

Hi {{answer_53160510}}! You're in Grade {{answer_53160549}} and your email is {{answer_53161174}}. You are free to meet {{answer_53163398}} and you are interested in the following roles: {{answer_53162788}}.
Thank you very much for your time. We will be reaching out to you shortly to inform you regarding the application. We may request an interview in the near future.

If you decide that Alpha Photojournalism isn't right for you this year, we get it! But please try again next year. We're always looking for more excited and amazing people like you! Applications open at the end of the year.

Please keep an eye out for a message from us in the near future. Thank you. Your application will be carefully reviewed.
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